Thirteen Things To Know Before Applying For Npower Volunteer Program

Woo……, N-power application is opened at last. Connect all your friends who are eligible to apply now, because it’s closing up on the 13th of July 2017, we all have just one month to apply. This year, emphases are been on graduate, below are Thirteen things you need to know before you apply;

1. Some of the challenges that must applicant encountered in 2016 was mismatch of their names with that of their BVN, and this has denied them been paid up still date, so to avoid this; ensure that you write your surname, first name and other names in line with your BVN names.
2. Endeavour to follow N-Power social media for latest updates on your N-Power journey
3. N-Power customer service relations are always online to attend to your problems, in other to resolve them between the hours of 8am – 8pm
4. For now, the portal is only open for Graduate categories
5. The process of been selected are transparent, so the application is open for all.

6. Anyone who claims to have influence either in polities or religion over selection is a fraudster.
7. Registration and selection for the N-Power programme is absolutely free for everyone.
8. The federal government will not place additional burden on any individual who wishes to be employed.
9. There is no viable claims that the N-Power is under restricted set allocations or quota for any political group or party or religion
10. Correctly enter your 10 digit Account number on the application
11. Get a pen and a paper to write down your unique reference Number
12. Choose a program you want to apply for in relation to your discipline.
13. Finally, the programme opens up from June 13th and closes up from July 13th, so, start applying now.
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