Bauchi State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Bauchi State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Bauchi State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017Bauchi State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 has been written out for you on this article. This list is totally free for all applicant. Those who had difficulties in looking for their names from the combine list, can now come to our home page to search their desired state to see their names for free.

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2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

1 NNR27/2017/BAU/2925/0141549 ABBAS YUNUSA Seaman

2 NNR27/2017/BAU/19/0000386 ABDULGAFAR SANI Seaman

3 NNR27/2017/BAU/2127/0098102 AbDULLAHI Abubakar Seaman

4 NNR27/2017/BAU/76/0001880 ABDULLAHI BASHIR ICT

5 NNR27/2017/BAU/1314/0055004 Abdullahi Haruna Education

6 NNR27/2017/BAU/212/0007049 ABDULLAHI MUAWIYA Seaman

7 NNR27/2017/BAU/36/0000636 ABDULLAHI MUSA Seaman

8 NNR27/2017/BAU/1405/0057452 ABDULLAHI MUSTAPHA Seaman

9 NNR27/2017/BAU/2219/0103102 ABUBAKAR ABDULLAHI Seaman

10 NNR27/2017/BAU/2215/0102915 ABUBAKAR MUHAMMAD Imam Assistants

11 NNR27/2017/BAU/3956/0196536 ADAMU ABDULGANIYU Firemen

12 NNR27/2017/BAU/3692/0181060 ADAMU BENJAMIN Seaman

13 NNR27/2017/BAU/571/0022493 Adamu Ibrahim Firemen

14 NNR27/2017/BAU/280/0009852 ADAMU IDRIS Education

15 NNR27/2017/BAU/3875/0191154 ADAMU M KURARA Education

16 NNR27/2017/BAU/177/0005896 ADAMU YUSUF Education

17 NNR27/2017/BAU/852/0034881 AHMAD KHALID Seaman

18 NNR27/2017/BAU/3653/0178959 ALHASSAN SADIQ Seaman

19 NNR27/2017/BAU/2389/0110596 ALIYU USMAN Seaman

20 NNR27/2017/BAU/864/0035436 AUWAL ADAMU Seaman

21 NNR27/2017/BAU/1057/0044023 BALA ASHIRU HASSAN Seaman

22 NNR27/2017/BAU/1667/0071877 Bala Ibrahim Marine Engineering Artificer

23 NNR27/2017/BAU/235/0007871 BELLO USMAN IDRIS Computer

24 NNR27/2017/BAU/1917/0086442 BITRUS FOLMI SAMUEL Seaman

25 NNR27/2017/BAU/1040/0042811 BUKAR ABDULLAHI Store Assistant

26 NNR27/2017/BAU/1818/0080615 DAHIRU UMAR Marine Engineer Mechanics

27 NNR27/2017/BAU/2825/0135306 DAHIRU UMAR M Aircraft Engineering Artificer (Avionics and Aircraft Electronics)

28 NNR27/2017/BAU/358/0012226 Danladi Kabiru . Education

29 NNR27/2017/BAU/1522/0064037 DAUDA JOSEPH MAISHANU Seaman

30 NNR27/2017/BAU/3010/0146345 DAVID ANNA Store Assistant

31 NNR27/2017/BAU/2033/0093260 EDWARD YAHAYA CHIBI Seaman

32 NNR27/2017/BAU/128/0003888 EMMANUEL SUNDAY Seaman

33 NNR27/2017/BAU/598/0023493 EZEKIEL TSONGKON SAMAILA Firemen

34 NNR27/2017/BAU/3021/0146722 GARBA ABDULLAHI Seaman

35 NNR27/2017/BAU/2288/0106611 GARBA AHMED Marine Engineering Artificer

36 NNR27/2017/BAU/3093/0149914 GARBA ANAS BAJAMA ICT

37 NNR27/2017/BAU/808/0033083 Garba Ibrahim Writers

38 NNR27/2017/BAU/25/0000458 HABIBU AUWAL K Seaman

39 NNR27/2017/BAU/208/0006895 HARUNA YUSUF Seaman

40 NNR27/2017/BAU/1220/0051317 HARUNA MUHAMMAD Ordinance

41 NNR27/2017/BAU/4053/0201071 HARUNA SUNUSI ABDULLAHI Seaman

42 NNR27/2017/BAU/1213/0051111 HARUNA UMAR UBANDOMA Seaman

43 NNR27/2017/BAU/2507/0115833 HASSAN ABDULLAHI YUSUF Writers

44 NNR27/2017/BAU/62/0001528 HASSAN SHAFIU Seaman

45 NNR27/2017/BAU/3553/0172250 HUSSAINI YUSUF Education

46 NNR27/2017/BAU/909/0037099 IBRAHIM SANI Firemen

47 NNR27/2017/BAU/1409/0057732 IBRAHIM ADAMU JALAM Computer

48 NNR27/2017/BAU/1529/0064652 IBRAHIM AMOS Caterers.

49 NNR27/2017/BAU/2478/0114288 IBRAHIM ANNA Seaman

50 NNR27/2017/BAU/1582/0067117 Ibrahim Mahmood Yelwa Project Technician

51 NNR27/2017/BAU/1466/0061264 IBRAHIM MUSTAPHA Firemen

52 NNR27/2017/BAU/3271/0158029 IBRAHIM SALISU NONE ICT

53 NNR27/2017/BAU/3006/0146178 IRMIYA MBAMI Firemen

54 NNR27/2017/BAU/1895/0084929 ISAH HMISU MOHAMMED Communication

55 NNR27/2017/BAU/3901/0193059 ISHAKU EZEKIEL NGYAMS Seaman

56 NNR27/2017/BAU/1452/0060695 JIBRIL ABDULRAZAK ADAMU Imam Assistants

57 NNR27/2017/BAU/3544/0171862 JOHN ABISHAK AMOS Store Assistant

58 NNR27/2017/BAU/3912/0193884 JOHNGAS DAVID LUMI Seaman

59 NNR27/2017/BAU/2834/0135945 KABIR NAZIR Marine Engineer Mechanics

60 NNR27/2017/BAU/146/0004585 Kawuwa Yakubu Seaman

61 NNR27/2017/BAU/1185/0049786 KIMSA JOSEPH AYUBA Medical Assistant

62 NNR27/2017/BAU/2632/0123500 KURE NEHEMIAH Education

63 NNR27/2017/BAU/3614/0176465 Manyi John Igbolomotimi Seaman

64 NNR27/2017/BAU/178/0005900 Mato Muhammad K Journalist

65 NNR27/2017/BAU/3348/0161805 MOHAMMED ABUBAKAR SADIQ Seaman

66 NNR27/2017/BAU/1674/0072254 MOHAMMED MOHAMMED Seaman

67 NNR27/2017/BAU/546/0021500 Mohammed Nasiru HASSAN Seaman

68 NNR27/2017/BAU/2934/0141855 MUHAMMAD ABDULAZIZ Automobile Mechanics

69 NNR27/2017/BAU/81/0002049 MUHAMMAD ADA'U Seaman

70 NNR27/2017/BAU/93/0002594 Muhammad Idris Ibrahim Education

71 NNR27/2017/BAU/195/0006328 Muhammad Sunusi Computer

72 NNR27/2017/BAU/3786/0186388 MUHAMMAD umar Bello Seaman

73 NNR27/2017/BAU/2564/0119297 MUHAMMAD ZAKARI Seaman

74 NNR27/2017/BAU/2857/0137371 MUHAMMED YUSUF Seaman

75 NNR27/2017/BAU/2034/0093267 Musa Abdullahi Physiotherapist, Public Health, Occupational Therapist, Dental Therapist and Dental Lab Assistants

76 NNR27/2017/BAU/4351/0214302 MUSA ABUBAKAR MUHAMMED Firemen

77 NNR27/2017/BAU/37/0000658 PAUL PETER MAMUDA Survey Recorders

78 NNR27/2017/BAU/723/0028546 SA IDU MAHDI ALHAJI Firemen

79 NNR27/2017/BAU/201/0006545 SALEH ISAH M Seaman

80 NNR27/2017/BAU/385/0013360 Salisu Abdullahi Marine Engineer Mechanics

81 NNR27/2017/BAU/901/0036633 SAMAILA IBRAHIM Store Assistant

82 NNR27/2017/BAU/2870/0138357 SAMUEL JESSICA NYARIM Store Assistant

83 NNR27/2017/BAU/86/0002287 SANI ABDULQADIR MUHAMMAD Seaman

84 NNR27/2017/BAU/857/0035142 SANI MUBARAK MUHAMMAD Weapon Electrical Artificer

85 NNR27/2017/BAU/15/0000319 SANI UKASHA MUNKAILA Seaman

86 NNR27/2017/BAU/3738/0183986 SHATA BITRUS Seaman

87 NNR27/2017/BAU/4095/0202848 SHUAIBU AHMAD Seaman

88 NNR27/2017/BAU/3/0000059 SHUAIBU DAYYABU DAUDA Seaman

89 NNR27/2017/BAU/3265/0157788 SHUAIBU IBRAHEEM TORO Firemen

90 NNR27/2017/BAU/2957/0143203 SHUAIBU SAFIYANU Seaman

91 NNR27/2017/BAU/3813/0188033 SIMON DOGARA Seaman

92 NNR27/2017/BAU/3756/0185482 STEPHEN MOSES Chaplain Assistants

93 NNR27/2017/BAU/2902/0140152 SULAIMAN HAMZA AYUBA Seaman

94 NNR27/2017/BAU/3960/0196785 SULE ADAMU Writers

95 NNR27/2017/BAU/1726/0075292 SULEIMAN UMAR Communication

96 NNR27/2017/BAU/2828/0135483 SULEIMAN ABDULLAHI Seaman

97 NNR27/2017/BAU/3885/0192023 SUNDAY ANDREW Physical Training Instructor

98 NNR27/2017/BAU/589/0023303 TANIMU KHALID Writers

99 NNR27/2017/BAU/3807/0187699 THOMAS CATHERINE Medical Records/Health Administration

100 NNR27/2017/BAU/4031/0199889 THOMAST HURUNA Hull Mechanics/Fitters

101 NNR27/2017/BAU/3316/0160248 TIJJANI MUSTAPHA Seaman

102 NNR27/2017/BAU/1474/0061523 UMAR ABDULMUTALLIB Education

103 NNR27/2017/BAU/5/0000161 UMAR MUHAMMED AUWAL Writers

104 NNR27/2017/BAU/161/0005608 UMAR MUSA Hull Engineer Artificer

105 NNR27/2017/BAU/165/0005688 UMAR SURAKA Weapon Electrical Artificer

106 NNR27/2017/BAU/1519/0063948 USMAN UMAR Seaman

107 NNR27/2017/BAU/1611/0068224 VICTOR ALTINE Physiotherapist, Public Health, Occupational Therapist, Dental Therapist and Dental Lab Assistants

108 NNR27/2017/BAU/2496/0114945 YAKI AYUBA ILIYA Education

109 NNR27/2017/BAU/3390/0163442 YAKUBU ABDULHAKAMU Seaman

110 NNR27/2017/BAU/4030/0199848 Yakubu Husseini Drivers/Mechanics

111 NNR27/2017/BAU/1191/0050184 YAKUBU IBRAHIM Firemen

112 NNR27/2017/BAU/628/0024396 YAU SABIU Seaman

113 NNR27/2017/BAU/3769/0185844 YAU SHAMSUDDIN Seaman

114 NNR27/2017/BAU/2449/0112795 YUNUSA ABUBAKAR Firemen

115 NNR27/2017/BAU/1981/0090053 YUSUF ALHAMDU YAKE Firemen

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2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

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