Benue State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Benue State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Benue State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 – Free article for all Benue Applicant who took the Nigerian Navy Recruitment attitude test. Latest news flash, the Benue State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview for 2017 is finally out. All successful candidate can now go to the Nigerian Navy website for information regarding to all combined shortlisted candidate. Applicant from Benue State can look the total list below to see if there names are there. 

Always follow our page to see latest update on Nigerian Navy. look through if you name is there. Once you are shortlisted; follow this link to get the prerequisite;
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Total shortlisted candidate for Benue State on Nigerian Navy

1 NNR27/2017/BEN/2947/0062266 ABA BESEMAIAH Seaman

2 NNR27/2017/BEN/9822/0195282ABAH AGNESS OCHANYA Writers

3 NNR27/2017/BEN/10811/0217537ABAH HELEN ONYECHE Store Assistant

4 NNR27/2017/BEN/6116/0124373 ABAVER MAURICE TERPASE Seaman

5 NNR27/2017/BEN/2516/0052310 ABAYA TORNGU SAMPSON Seaman

6 NNR27/2017/BEN/855/0020716 ABOH SAMSON VICTOR Firemen

7 NNR27/2017/BEN/1388/0032461Achika Emmanuel Titus Seaman

8 NNR27/2017/BEN/4424/0091520Adamu Sunday Hull Mechanics/Fitters

9 NNR27/2017/BEN/4507/0093239 ADOLE MARY Seaman

10 NNR27/2017/BEN/8458/0169479AGAH IEMBER Caterers.

11 NNR27/2017/BEN/7451/0149356 AGBER DOOWUESE CYNTHIA Education

12 NNR27/2017/BEN/10981/0220095 AGBO EMMANUEL Store Assistant

13 NNR27/2017/BEN/224/0005049AGBO MONDAY ABRAHAM Education

14 NNR27/2017/BEN/8290/0166563 AGUGU JOSHUA Computer

15 NNR27/2017/BEN/9588/0191427 AHEE TERKULA CLEMENT Education

16 NNR27/2017/BEN/1145/0027038 AHOAME MICHAEL ORADUEN Seaman

17 NNR27/2017/BEN/9492/0189724 AKPUR ORHEMBAGA EDWARD Weapon Electrical Mechanics

18 NNR27/2017/BEN/5880/0119347ALEYI ALILU Seaman

19 NNR27/2017/BEN/6688/0134713 ALI VICTORIA Education

20 NNR27/2017/BEN/2118/0045131ALIGBA BENEDICT SHARON Seaman

21 NNR27/2017/BEN/9591/0191469 ALOM DANIEL ASEER Weapon Electrical Mechanics

22 NNR27/2017/BEN/7036/0141301AMEH SIMON OJOBO Seaman

23 NNR27/2017/BEN/5856/0118878ANNA ADAH Caterers.

24 NNR27/2017/BEN/8958/0180234 ANYIMAN DOOEMBER PRISCILLA Communication

25 NNR27/2017/BEN/5528/0113294 ANYOR BANABAR SESUGH Writers

26 NNR27/2017/BEN/1104/0026287 APEFANOR SOLOMON Firemen

27 NNR27/2017/BEN/4209/0086169APEH CECILIA ENE Education

28 NNR27/2017/BEN/5357/0108649 ASEMAVE EVARISTUS SHARBEE Seaman

29 NNR27/2017/BEN/4600/0094917 ATAKA COMFORT MSURSHIMA Caterers.

30 NNR27/2017/BEN/2404/0050804 ATINDI ORPIN AONDONA Communication

31 NNR27/2017/BEN/10237/0203033 AUDU JONATHAN USMAN Firemen

32 NNR27/2017/BEN/4871/0100032 AYUBA ABAFUN APAKE Seaman

33 NNR27/2017/BEN/1719/0038248 AZUA ORYIMAN SAVIOUR Education

34 NNR27/2017/BEN/6889/0138949 CHIA COMFORT MSUGHSHIMA Education

35 NNR27/2017/BEN/1520/0035148 DEWUA SAMUEL DEWUA Seaman

36 NNR27/2017/BEN/4500/0093113Donatus David Tersoo Seaman

37 NNR27/2017/BEN/9961/0198202 DURUBA TERNA EMMANUEL ICT

38 NNR27/2017/BEN/1582/0036077DZOHO TERVER Automobile Mechanics

39 NNR27/2017/BEN/3475/0072199 EDE DICKSON ODE Education

40 NNR27/2017/BEN/6719/0135610 EDOH SUNDAY ABU Computer

41 NNR27/2017/BEN/7842/0158148EJEH CHRISTIAN Seaman

42 NNR27/2017/BEN/5740/0116936 EJEH GRACE AJEH Caterers.

43 NNR27/2017/BEN/9085/0182502 EJEH MATHIAS Marine Engineering Artificer

44 NNR27/2017/BEN/8425/0168999 EJEH MERCY OCHANYA Nurses

45 NNR27/2017/BEN/9155/0183825 EJEH ROSE EBONYA Store Assistant

46 NNR27/2017/BEN/4535/0093845 EKAH EZEKIEL ABAH Firemen

47 NNR27/2017/BEN/2542/0052674 ELAIGWU FREDRICK FRIDAY Computer

48 NNR27/2017/BEN/5037/0102799 EMBERGA EZEKIEL TYODIO Seaman

49 NNR27/2017/BEN/2953/0062363 FELIX FAVE FRIDAY Seaman

50 NNR27/2017/BEN/5465/0111801FRIDAY EJIGBA J Project Technician

51 NNR27/2017/BEN/3786/0078065 GABRIEL BLESSING Physical Training Instructor

52 NNR27/2017/BEN/7490/0150143 HAAGA SUNDAY AONDOHEMBA Communication

53 NNR27/2017/BEN/6502/0131460Hinga Ahen None Seaman

54 NNR27/2017/BEN/1588/0036178IDAH MICHAEL Seaman

55 NNR27/2017/BEN/3449/0071642IKWEBE MOSES OTOKPA Seaman

56 NNR27/2017/BEN/10705/0214976 IKYULA ZACHARIAH T Seaman

57 NNR27/2017/BEN/33/0000475 INJA TIMOTHY TERSEER Computer

58 NNR27/2017/BEN/8220/0165361IORNUMBE TERHIDE ISAAC Store Assistant

59 NNR27/2017/BEN/4241/0086773 IORSUE FABIAN Physical Training Instructor

60 NNR27/2017/BEN/3439/0071369 IYO GODWIN AONDOHEMBA Physical Training Instructor

61 NNR27/2017/BEN/573/0013234 James Ngbede Isaac Seaman

62 NNR27/2017/BEN/10386/0207658 JOHN TERNA Seaman

63 NNR27/2017/BEN/3697/0076482Joseph Andrew Onah Seaman

64 NNR27/2017/BEN/8322/0167220 JOSHUA EMMANUEL TERVER Seaman

65 NNR27/2017/BEN/9205/0184654 KANGE NGUEVESE EMMANUELLA ELLABEST Physiotherapist, Public Health, Occupational Therapist, Dental Therapist and Dental Lab Assistants

66 NNR27/2017/BEN/10842/0218064KINGSLEY UKO EGENA Seaman

67 NNR27/2017/BEN/2969/0062776 KPESEH AONDOFA CHRISTOPHER Seaman

68 NNR27/2017/BEN/5265/0106795 KWAGHTERNA TERVER THADDEUS Medical Assistant

69 NNR27/2017/BEN/4474/0092478 MAHMUD YUSUF TATU Seaman

70 NNR27/2017/BEN/1059/0024912 MAMMER JOSEPH AONDOUNGWA Communication

71 NNR27/2017/BEN/6828/0137628 MBAHON VICTOR . Seaman

72 NNR27/2017/BEN/7519/0150589 MBASAANGA JACOB KUNDUSHIMA Seaman

73 NNR27/2017/BEN/124/0002466 MEEME LUPER TIMOTHY ICT

74 NNR27/2017/BEN/1740/0038560 MICHEAL UMARU OLOBO Seaman

75 NNR27/2017/BEN/8209/0165154MUSA MUSA Writers

76 NNR27/2017/BEN/5429/0110258 NAGWA YONAH Drivers/Mechanics

77 NNR27/2017/BEN/3187/0066698Nda Isaac Aondoyila Seaman

78 NNR27/2017/BEN/1446/0033763NEEYUM BLESSING Writers

79 NNR27/2017/BEN/8923/0179503NGOBUA GIFT SENA Seaman

80 NNR27/2017/BEN/8025/0161248OBOYI CHRISTOPHER AMEH Marine Engineering Artificer

81 NNR27/2017/BEN/9810/0195090 OCHI STEVEN ODE Writers

82 NNR27/2017/BEN/6045/0122910Ogah David Igbe Firemen

83 NNR27/2017/BEN/1350/0031645 OGBAJI EMMANUEL OBAM Medical Records/Health Administration

84 NNR27/2017/BEN/8434/0169204Ogbu Vincent Edu Store Assistant

85 NNR27/2017/BEN/10866/0218351 OJILA OCHE Education

86 NNR27/2017/BEN/8665/0174900 OMAGAJI OKOKO Marine Engineering Artificer

87 NNR27/2017/BEN/4287/0087626 OMLACHI EJEMBI Education

88 NNR27/2017/BEN/9473/0189484 ONOJA AUGUSTINE PAUL Computer

89 NNR27/2017/BEN/7/0000083 Onoja Peter Onoja Journalist

90 NNR27/2017/BEN/7092/0142696 ORDUE PHEBEAN KERTER Marine Engineering Artificer

91 NNR27/2017/BEN/3940/0081302ORFEGA TERHEMEN DAHIRU Physical Training Instructor

92 NNR27/2017/BEN/8979/0180608 ORKUMA TERSUR MATTHEW ICT

93 NNR27/2017/BEN/4986/0101814 OROKO MICHAEL Ordinance

94 NNR27/2017/BEN/4724/0097397 OTOKPA JAMES Seaman

95 NNR27/2017/BEN/2964/0062706 PETER EMMANUEL Bandsman

96 NNR27/2017/BEN/883/0021252 PRISCILLA AMBROSE DOOSHIMA Communication

97 NNR27/2017/BEN/1919/0041244 SHAAPERA MSUEGA BENJAMIN Seaman

98 NNR27/2017/BEN/4597/0094846 SHIE TERSUGH Firemen

99 NNR27/2017/BEN/9720/0193529 SHIHON JOHN IGBANA Store Assistant

100 NNR27/2017/BEN/3699/0076509 SHIKU LOVETH YAUKASE Caterers.

101 NNR27/2017/BEN/9176/0184184 SHINSHIMA FANEN Firemen

102 NNR27/2017/BEN/7798/0157524 TARHEMBA MYINAGA EMMANUEL Education

103 NNR27/2017/BEN/3334/0069448TERFA ULAM Firemen

104 NNR27/2017/BEN/6503/0131463 TERLUMUN USHAHEMBA Seaman

105 NNR27/2017/BEN/5207/0105565 TOR TERSEER MOSES Seaman

106 NNR27/2017/BEN/2369/0050021 TSEE CLIFFORD Seaman

107 NNR27/2017/BEN/2941/0062195TSO AONDOTESE Ordinance


109 NNR27/2017/BEN/7164/0144188 TYOCHIR USHANA CHRISTOPHER Seaman

110 NNR27/2017/BEN/8993/0180904 UTENAN STEPHEN SEFA Seaman

111 NNR27/2017/BEN/8304/0166916 VAA PAUL ORFAPE Chaplain Assistants

112 NNR27/2017/BEN/10437/0209442Williams Michael Edosi Writers

113 NNR27/2017/BEN/1814/0039796WISDOM ODE OKITA Physical Training Instructor

114 NNR27/2017/BEN/1006/0023670 YAKUBU UMISAT Seaman

115 NNR27/2017/BEN/6821/0137408 YORBEE SIMON Firemen

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2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

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